"Your grant did help me to achieve the ultimate goal of the past four years of my life: winning the Olympic Trials."
- Farrah Hall, RS:X Olympic Windsurfer Class, 2008
Jesse Falsone surfing
Jesse Falsone surfs with his spinnaker up during the 505 World Championships.

About AYCF

The Annapolis Yacht Club Foundation (AYCF) was established by the Annapolis Yacht Club to:

  • provide an opportunity for its members to act collectively to foster local excellence in national and international amateur sailing competition,
  • contribute to maritime-related charitable and educational organizations in the Mid-Chesapeake Bay region, and
  • support charitable and educational activities undertaken by the Club.

Awards to support amateur sailing competition are made on the recommendation of a distinguished Advisory Committee, grants to maritime-related charitable and educational organizations provide members an opportunity to support the community in which their Club is located, and scholarships permit underprivileged youths to participate in maritime-related educational activities.

Board of Directors
Amateur Sailing Grant Advisory Committee
Matthew Schubert, President Matthew Schubert
Jennifer Wulff, Vice President Cole Allsopp
Jacob Doyle, Treasurer Fredrik Salvesen
Cedric Lewis, Secretary Bob Schofield
Edward Freitag Henry Filter
Robert Floyd John Howell
David Houck  
John Howell
501(c)(3) Grant Advisory Cttee
James Hutchinson Chip Car
James Praley Robert Floyd
Vernon Sheen Jamie Hutchinson
Fund Raising Committee Grants Administrator
Matthew Schubert Matthew Schubert
Jennifer Wulff  

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