"High school sailing is a large part of these young persons' lives, and the ability to compete at a national level is a wonderful experience."
- Hal Whitacre, Annapolis High School Sailing Team
Jesse Falsone and crew
Jesse Falsone and crew proudly display the perpetual trophy they received after winning the 2003 East Coast Championships for the 505 class.

Campaign for Opportunity

Rewriting what might have been...

In racing sailboats, a regular part of the experience is thinking back on what might have been:

"If only I'd tacked on that wind shift," or "if we just could've gotten that spinnaker up faster."

Similar "what might have been" thoughts exist in all competitive sports: "If I hadn't swung at that curve ball," "If my first served hadn't hit the net," "If I had stroked that putt just a little harder..."

Whimsical thoughts like that may seem bittersweet, but they're far better than ones like: "if only I could've afforded to go to the high school sailing nationals," or "if my parents had the money for a drysuit, I would've been on the sailing team." And perhaps the saddest expression of all: "I wish I could've at least tried sailing."

We can't often rewrite those "what might have been" legends in our own lives. But through the AYC Foundation, we can help create a brighter sotry for a lot of talented and deserving sailors and other whose dreams touch on the Chesapeake Bay.

The AYC Foundation helps talented area sailors in their quest for excellence, supports junior sailors in natonal competition, and gets less privileged children on the water. Foundation grands provide opportunities for a diverse group of people to enjoy and learn about the Chesapeake Bay, its maritime heritage and environmental beauty.

Help rewrite "what might have been" for a deserving sailor today.

Mail a contribution to:
AYC Foundation
PO Box 908
Annapolis, MD 21404

Please remember your name and address so we can thank you and send you a receipt for tax purposes.


The AYC Foundation exists as the charitable arm of the Annapolis Yacht Club. Through an active and generous annual giving “Campaign for Opportunity”, the AYCF provides opportunities for a diverse group of people to enjoy and learn about the Chesapeake Bay. The AYCF and its donors believe in supporting opportunities in the mid-Chesapeake Bay that make the Bay, it’s maritime heritage, economic vitality, and environmental beauty available to as many people as possible.

Contributions can be made year-round to AYCF’s Campaign for Opportunity. These contributions enable AYCF to award grants to applicants at least four times per year.

Annual contributions are the backbone of AYCF’s giving, and contributions of all sizes make an impact. A broad community of donors ensures that we are serving the charitable wishes of the community.

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