"The AYCF award gave us the credibility to pursue further sources of funding. Your initial donation served as a sort of approval stamp and made it easier to raise additional money."
- Derby Anderson
Team in a boat
Jesse Falsone heads out to the starting line in mild breezes.


As a funding organization, AYCF sometimes is made aware of a need for a significant contribution to jump-start a program or organization, or to help dramatically increase a program’s impact. These needs do not exist on an annual basis, and are usually one-time contributions on AYCF’s part. Contributions to AYCF’s endowment enable AYCF to be able to exercise it’s judgement to fund these extraordinary, vital requests to nurture and expand the community that cherishes and stewards the Chesapeake Bay.

In time, endowment income will provide a substantial percentage of the budget for annual grants.

Endowments gifts to the Foundation are truly the gifts that keep on giving. An endowment is forever.

Endowment contributions can be made through a variety of financial mechanisms, including estate planning, and can be made at any time. For more information about endowment contributions, please contact the AYCF at Contributions@aycfoundation.org.

The 1883 Society was created as a way to recognize and thank donors who have made provisions in their estate plans for a gift to the AYC Foundation, recognizing that the gift may be postponed until after their lifetimes. Donors to The 1883 Society are leaving a legacy in their names to support the mission of the Annapolis Yacht Club Foundation, in particular providing support for amateur sailors in their quest for national and international sailing competitions and providing scholarships to students who otherwise could not afford to participate in the Junior Sailing Program.

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