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  1. Amateur sailors

    1. Amateur sailors from the Mid-Chesapeake Bay area who are participating in national or international sailing competition are eligible. The AYCF Board strongly favors funding grants for regattas that require qualification. Applications must be submitted before the event has occurred.

    2. An “amateur” sailor includes any sailor if the national governing body of the sport does not consider the type of support paid to the athlete as destroying the athlete's eligibility to participate in competitions as an amateur.

    3. AYCF will not accept contributions designated for the benefit of a specific amateur sailor.

    4. A competition or campaign budget must be included in the application.

      1. Travel, entry and charter fees, lodging costs, communications, and uniforms are eligible for support [capital investments, such as sails, hull, equipment, etc., are not funded];

      2. Other sources of support should be included;

      3. AYCF can be the sole sponsor; no matching funds or other sources of support are necessary to qualify; and

      4. AYCF does not discriminate based on financial need.

    5. A sailing resume must be included in the application.

    6. AYCF evaluates proposals based on realistic budgets and clear, measurable, and appropriate goals and objectives.

    7. Awarded grants are typically between $50-$5,000.

    8. Athletes planning Olympic Campaigns and other elite programs can submit annual plans for larger amounts.

    9. Following the evaluation of grant applications, an applicant will receive –

      1. A letter explaining why the application did not receive a grant, or

      2. A funding agreement that will specify the cooperation expected of the applicant in furnishing to AYCF reports, photographs, appearances, or testimonials with respect to his or her competition.

      3. Sailors are eligible for two grants from AYCF in one calendar year, and the grants can be for an overall campaign or separate competitions.

  2. National and International Regattas:

    1. Organizations hosting national and international regattas in the Mid-Chesapeake Bay area are eligible.

    2. A regatta budget must be included with the application.

      1. Other sources of support must be shown in the application;

      2. General overhead expenses are not eligible for support; and

      3. Expenses related to increasing regatta participation, such as travel reimbursements, entry fee sponsorships, or charter boat fee sponsorships, or outreach, advertising or promotions to expand the demographic diversity (gender, physical ability, age, skill level), are eligible.

    3. The organization's experience with hosting major regattas must be included.

    4. AYCF evaluates proposals based on realistic budgets and clear measurable and appropriate goals and objectives.

    5. Organizations are eligible for two grants from AYCF in a calendar year. These grants can be for an individual competition or separate competitions.

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