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Sailing is a unique experience, a life-changing opportunity and, for many, a lifestyle. AYCF focuses on providing access to the water for those in our community. First-hand knowledge of the Chesapeake Bay leads to greater awareness of the Bay, important self-development, team building, and an awareness of community. AYCF supports education programs throughout the mid-Chesapeake Bay area that encourage widespread participation through the incentive of scholarships.


Warrior Sailing Basic Training Camp by Will Keyworth

The resources of the Chesapeake Bay, the world’s largest estuary, are a privilege and a responsibility to all those living within the Bay’s watershed. Increased exposure to the Chesapeake Bay enables us all to share in the bounties of the Bay. Increased awareness of the Bay’s maritime heritage, economic importance, and environmental fragility empowers us all to become better stewards of the treasure in our backyard.


Alan Terhune

It's a costly road to the Olympics and aspiring US Olympic sailors must rely on external fundraising efforts. US sailors are competing against international sailors, many whom are nationally funded—for training, logistics, and gear. Our sailors need support to get to the Olympic level and compete once there.

For younger sailors, a grant can make the difference between competing or not competing, competing competitively or simply learning how to begin the process of raising money to become an amateur sailor. For more advanced sailors, grants can give 

them moral support from their home community, legitimacy to larger funders, or the crucial difference between a coach or not.

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