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Christopher Hanson Travels with Team USA to the Magic Marine Easter Regatta in Holland

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Thank you so much for helping fund my travels with Team USA to the Magic Marine Easter Regatta in Holland. After two qualifying race days, I qualified for the gold fleet (the top fleet out of gold, silver, and bronze). When the fourth and last day wrapped up, I finished 50th out of 181 Optimists from nine different countries. The experience was unforgettable, as it allowed me to meet fellow sailors from all over the world, as well as learn different techniques from my two coaches. The diverse coaching allowed me to take their ideas and merge them with what I have already learned. I improved my starts in a large fleet and improved navigating crowded leeward mark roundings. The trip also allowed me to bond with my teammates from around the country whom I will see throughout my regattas in the future.

Along with the sailing experience, I was able to explore Holland, a country I had known little about. I will always remember the windmills and canals along with a bike trip around the city of Leiden. Overall, the experience taught me so much and gave me the chance to race against some of the best Opti sailors in the world. Throughout my trip, as well as after I got back, I posted on my Instagram account (christopherhanson922) with updates from the trip and thanking the support of the AYCF. I am waiting for an updated receipt from USODA and am also compiling my trip receipts which I will send soon. Once again, thank you for allowing me to compete internationally!

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