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“I Came and I Stayed!”

Updated: Jun 24

Katie Freeman, Vice President Valhalla Sailing, Mike Wood, President Valhalla Sailing, Kathy Parks, President AYC Foundation

On a beautiful Saturday in June the AYC Foundation delivered a check to Valhalla Sailing in Annapolis, MD. The Valhalla Sailing Project LTD is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing suicide among American veterans by introducing them to the sport of competitive sailing. The organization believes that providing veterans with a sense of community, purpose and adventure can reduce their risk of suicide and improve their mental health.

President, Mike Wood and Vice President Katie Freeman were preparing for a full day of classroom and on the water training with over 20 veterans and 10 volunteers. They use their organization’s J30 and J80 as well as two more boats provided by local boat owners.

“I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do and where I was going after I got out of the army. I tried college and changed degrees a few times…my brother suggested, “Why not learn to sail?” “I got on a boat and fell in love with it. I came and I stayed.”

Bo Darlington, Army Vet, Valhalla Sailing Coach & Board Member

(Interview with Bo)

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The work of Valhalla Sailing is one of the many reasons why we are passionate about the AYC Foundation. Bravo Bo Darlington and your team at Valhalla Sailing. Thank you all for your service!

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