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A Room Full of Gratitude

The AYC Foundation welcomed family and friends at the AYC Sailing Center to thank them for their support and provide an opportunity to hear directly from grant and scholarship recipients. President Matt Schubert served as MC for the evening and Commodore Cusack welcomed the guests and underscored the important role that the waterfront plays in our lives. Grant and scholarship recipients shared their stories, prompting some “mic drop” moments throughout the evening.

James Golden regaled attendees with his humble beginnings in the Opti to his intense and diverse sailing schedule today. Marco Rojas, Annapolis Maritime Museum Community Program Manager, shared his philosophy in providing youth with an understanding, love, and respect for the bay while simultaneously equipping them with the skill sets to conquer their fears and build self-confidence. Adam Okedeyi shared how his scholarship has generated a love for the water and its calming effects. He closed by saying, "the opportunities have changed my life." Finally, Christopher Hanson expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to compete against nearly 200 Optis in the 36th Magic Marine Easter Regatta in the Netherlands where he finished in the top 25% of the fleet. Others participated via video, including Leo Boucher, Casey Cabot, and Alan Terhune, who provided updates on their rigorous practice schedules for the international regatta circuit.

Hearing from the athletes and recipients reinforced the important role we all play in our community. It truly is a rising tide, helped in part by some tears that were shed on this June evening. Watch this space for more updates on our grant and scholarship recipients.

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