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AYC Foundation Wins Big at Derby!

Updated: 7 days ago

Left to right: Emmy Horowitz, Grace Lucas Fuller, Lizzie Allsopp, Gina Henderson, Nicole Teixeira

A lively group in their finest regalia gathered at the Roesch home to support the AYC Foundation and cheer on their favorite horse in the 150th Kentucky Derby. The make-your-own mint julep bar, ice sculpture luge, and delectable southern fare fortified attendees as they placed their bets in the "Bet It All" raffle. The bowtie-wearing, hat-festooned attendees gathered around to watch the underdog Mystik Dan win in an historic photo finish. The Foundation was the other big winner of the evening with more than $16K raised for the Velocity Campaign from the bets and bourbon raffles.

The AYC Foundation Velocity Campaign: a solid bet that will pay dividends!

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