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British Nationals in the U.K.

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

I sailed in the British nationals in the U.K. The regatta was held at Portland and Weymouth National Sailing Center, where the 2012 Olympics was held.

The first day of practice was super windy. All we did was reach back and forth. The ocean had waves that were over 20 feet tall. The roads there are super skinny. It’s fun navigating through them.

Sunday the second day of practice was medium air. We did a start and went to an upwind mark and then back downwind to finish though the starting line. Most of the time I finished mid fleet.

The first regatta day the wind was medium air. The course was an upwind then downwind to a gate and then upwind to the same mark. Then the course continued to a reach mark and then downwind to a gate, but you had to round the left mark and then to a reach mark and then you would finish between the RC boat and a mark with a blue flag on top of it. That day I got an 11th, an 8th and a 14th, after that day I was in 9th place out of 81 boats.

The 2nd race day was super windy with gusts in the upper 30s. In the first race I finished in 59. In the 2nd race I was raked too far back so I kept bow plowing. I got a TLE but they scored me as 58th. Before the third race, I raked forward and de-powered. I finished 10th in that race. In the first race on Wednesday, I was in first around the bottom reach but lost it on the upwind and finished third. Then I got a 12th and then a 39th. The wind was light-medium that day. On Thursday we sailed out of the breakwater. The wind was light. I started at the boat and finished ninth. Halfway up the first beat I was in third, but I lost it on the second beat. The wind died, and the course was moved inside the breakwater. I started on the pin only two other Optis were there.

I played the shifts well and rounded the 1st mark in third. I finished 4th in that race. The last race of the day I had a bad start, I fought my way from 50th to 21st. The final day of the regatta was medium-light air. A little bit after the start I was in first. Then I played the left very well, consolidated the fleet, and held onto first the entire race. In the second race, I didn’t have a great start, but I played the left and finished 6th. In the last race, I had a bad start and didn’t comeback as much as the second race and finished 23rd. I finished 11th place overall. I thought it was a great experience, and I think it was great practice in heavy wind.

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