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Is it Better to Give or Receive?

Updated: May 21

Gift. It was a common theme at Tony and Claire Parker's home on a recent misty evening.  The age-old debate came to mind:  is it better to give or receive? That's not an easy answer as those in the room nodded upon hearing Tony express that he'd "been given a great gift:  the love of sailing."

Upon hearing about Marty and Maggie Roesch's $500,000 challenge grant by December 2024 which launched the AYC Foundation Velocity Campaign, and the need to put the Foundation in a position where it can make a difference in the community, Tony and Claire agreed to host the elegant affair.

Midway through the evening while guests were sharing stories, inevitably all involving water and boating of some kind, Tony stepped into the living room to share a few personal remarks. "We have been lucky to have had [sailing] be a part of our whole life," reflecting on the myriad conversations taking place throughout his gracious home. "We also believe that sailing and the love of the water has the power to transform lives. We want to pass that gift on to others, particularly those in our community who don't have as easy an access to the water as we do."  Heads were nodding and knowing glances were exchanged around the room.  

"We also want to support the aspiring sailboat racer who strives to get to the next level but needs more support," he continued.  "This is where the AYC Foundation can make that difference," concluding with an appeal for all to support the Velocity Campaign and to share the Foundation's important mission with friends in AYC and beyond.

So, is it better to give or receive?  In this case, the answer is yes to both. Give to the AYC Foundation's Velocity Campaign knowing that those in receipt will experience a profound impact on their lives. 

Hosts Claire and Tony Parker

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