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Mission Towards the Pan Am Gold

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

I wanted to give you and the rest of the AYC Foundation an update on our team's mission towards the Pan Am Gold. We have had a good two months of training in July and August. We spent quite a bit of time training in Buffalo with many top teams and did a full day of simulated Pan Am Games racing. This meant we did races with 8 boats (Same as games) which included past US Team reps, and followed the regatta guidelines. This was hugely valuable as an experience to understand the racing and tactics. We also had good training in NJ and competed in the North Americans. This was a great regatta as it was a long event, we got to race against one of our competitors (Team Chile) and put a lot of time in. We came away victorious, and it was a great event for us. The team from Chile finished 3rd and the current world champs were 2nd. I have attached some photos for you to review. Our boat is in Miami and departing for Chile next week. It will get loaded into the container on Sept 5 and depart on the ship on the 9th. We received word that we will depart for Santiago on Sunday October 22.

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