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Will Mohler Travels to Belgium as Part of the USODA

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Traveling to Belgium as part of the USODA Team USA was an experience of a lifetime. Being able to go to stunning places and represent the United States is a dream come true. First, I have never sailed in the conditions that I saw in Nieuwpoort. It was blowing 17 to 20 knots almost every day with waves up to six feet tall. On the third to last day, it was 27 knots gusting 35 knots with waves up to 8ft, which is the harshest conditions I have ever sailed. I had to consistently hike and bail while sailing upwind. I had to always look around and be ready to balance the boat on the down winds with the huge waves. The second reason I enjoyed my time is the people that I met from all over the world. I met so many good sailors from Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden, which was so cool. It was amazing to talk and interact with these kids that are from so far away. Finally, the culture in Belgium is amazing. I was able to experience many historic places all over Belgium, like Brugge. The infrastructure is like nothing I have ever seen, with so many medieval looking buildings. Also, the food was delicious with pastries like croissants and waffles being huge staples in the Belgium communities. Overall, I had so much fun learning new things and meeting with amazing people from all over the globe.

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